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BioCNG : Fuel of the Future


How many times do you wake up to the news of petrol prices hiking? In today’s world with its rampant usage of non-renewable energy resources, this is a major concern for most individuals and organizations. Unfortunately, it doesn’t just stop at petrol and oil resources. Coal and gas are also rapidly running out. As the result effect of the usage of non-renewable resources on the environment is more than alarming, we as the human beings have to accelerate the deployment of more sustainable alternatives.

Although many such sustainable options have been discovered and put to use, the biggest challenge that mankind now faces is the affordability of these options on the whole. However clean a sustainable energy resource be, it must possess the ability of mass production at affordable rates. Only after mass production will an energy resource be considered an actual, viable source.

As of now, we have following options:

Hydro electricity: As the name suggests, this refers to the process of generating electricity from water. It requires water to be stored at a considerable height which usually entails construction of huge dams, resulting in huge costs and some adverse effect on local ecology. While water can effectively generate electricity, usage of water as fuel (for vehicles) still seems out of reach for mankind.

Wind energy: This is method by which a ‘farm’ of giant wind turbines is used to create electricity. While this option is characterized by widespread usage, the economics and nimby attitude (not in my backyard) have off late become major concerns.

Solar energy: This method harnesses the heat generated by the sun, to create energy. This has been proclaimed as one of the cleanest and most affordable means of generating energy. Solar energy is definitely the most accessible type of energy for the common man to switch to in these dire times. In spite of this, it is still more expensive than the usual methods of generating energy, usually due to lower efficiencies resulting in large solar farms. However, great breakthroughs have been made in the field of solar energy and the world eagerly awaits those to come.

While these energy sources seem to answer the present needs of the planet’s population, our dependence on oil based energy sources just refuses to budge. The amount of petrol, diesel and natural gas we use in our day to day life has made it an imperative part of our life. We take non-renewable energy resources for granted and use them with a lax hand. There is, however, one alternative that the world is holding its breath for- BioCNG.

Most of us are unaware of what exactly BioCNG is all about. BioCNG is nothing but Compressed Natural Gas created from biogas.

BioCNG has the abilities and the properties to run any vehicle or motor which can be run on CNG. Every application or motor which uses CNG today, can easily switch to using BioCNG without any hassle. The attributes of BioCNG and CNG are nearly the same in this respect. Thus, BioCNG is the direct and easy replacement of CNG and LPG appliances.

How does this process work?

BioCNG works on a very a simple 3 step process:

Source Biogas: BioCNG is created from Biogas, which in turn is generatedfrom organic waste matter. This waste matter can be sourced from anywhere- organic industries, farms or even your own home. The organic waste is then treated to create Biogas. It is a completely organic and green energy source, which completes the circle of recycling.

Create BioCNG: BioCNG is like a byproduct of the biogas. Biogas is treated using a particular process to clean-up gases like CO2 and H2S, which makes its exactly like Compressed Natural Gas. The process differs with the producer but the end result is still completely green and usable fuel.

Distribute BioCNG: As its properties are like those of Compressed Natural Gas, BioCNG can also be distributed using the same methods, or the existing infrastructure. Most effective of these would be the pipeline system, which directly carries it to industries or individuals. BioCNG can also be used to operate those motors or engines which run on CNG. This gives BioCNG a massive advantage as it feed into existing infrastructure and use

The three most palpable uses of BioCNG are:

Cooking: BioCNG can be used a replacement for cooking fuel.

Transportation: It can be used as replacement for the oil based, non-renewable fuels.

Generation of electricity: BioCNG can also be used as a replacement for natural gas for generating electricity.

The best part about BioCNG is that it is as green as it gets. Countries all over the world are looking for new ways to adapt this green technology and help it catch on. Governments are providing incentives and subsidies for manufacturers of BioCNG. BioCNG is the latest step forward towards a cleaner and better future not only for the country, but for the world as a whole.