Carbon Clean Solutions is an innovation leader in developing carbon dioxide (CO2) capture technology. A new class of solvents APBS, patented by Carbon Clean Solutions have been specifically developed for carbon capture from power and industrial plants. Individual savings on capital and operational expenditure are expected to be of the order of 20% and 30%, resulting from lower heats of dissociation, lower solvent degradation (therefore longer effective lifetime) and a lower corrosive effect on plant materials. Breakthrough technology could significantly reduce the operating costs and environmental impacts. Carbon Clean Solutions operates research facilities in India and is looking to setup pilot demonstrations in United Kingdom. Company is also working with a few customers globally to test and demonstrate savings related to its APBS technology at commercial scale. With a prime focus on innovation, CCS develops low cost, energy efficient carbon capture technology that can be embedded in new power plants or retrofitted to existing ones. The company strives to help large scale CO2 emitters in solving the challenges of continued usage of non-renewable fossil fuels, and reducing the environmental impact of high carbon dioxide emissions.


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